April in Paris!

April 22-26, 2012

Packed at the Musée d'Orsay.


Sunday, April 22: First round French presidential election, polls close at 20.00! We travel on the super-slick high speed TGV from Aix, arriving at the Garre du Nord in Paris at 19.15. Dash to the subway (Nico has prepaid tickets) drag our backpacks and luggage, crush into riders, then race back up on the streets. Arrive at the polling station 19.45 to vote. Still racing, we hustle through the maze of streets, following Nico and Aurélie like small puppies to their 19th century flat to watch the dramatic moment when the heads of the two top contenders will emerge on the television. Sarkozy has surprisingly strong support, so it looks like a close race with Socialist party challenger François Hollande, the TV pundits go crazy. Exciting! Final election in two weeks...






Rainy day at Amélie's Café des Deux Moulins.


Nespresso store (where we see George Clooney!)

Misty afternoon at the Musée Rodin.

Portrait of Gustave Moreau.

We visit Symbolist painter Moreau's fascinating Paris studio (and now museum.)


"No one could have less faith in the absolute and definitive importance of the work created by man, because I believe that this world is nothing but a dream..." -Gustave Moreau


Crepe night at Chez Nicholas et Aurélie. We want a crepe griddle! Cool gadget (perfect for parties), which, if you have finesse, creates perfect crepes, ready for any filling. Nico’s masterpiece is a stinky combination of andouille sausage and camembert, with sliced apple for toning; Michéle goes traditional, with ham, gruyere cheese and an egg; Liza fails miserably in her first try at spreading the batter, but cooks up a tattered crepe with a tasty filling of salmon, cheese, and leeks.