Art Islands, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

November 30 - December 2, 2013

Art Space at Teshima Art Museum: A brilliant collaborative work by artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa!

"Our idea was that the curved drop-like form would create a powerful environment in harmony with the undulating land forms around it. Our goal is to generate a fusion of the environment, art, and architecture, and we hope these three elements work together as a single entity." --Ryue Nishizawa





The experience of being inside this asymmetric curved structure is powerful. Trust me, you need to go see this artwork. I won't even try to describe Matrix, the inspired work by Rei Naito that exists within the Art Space, because it is much better to be surprised and have the pleasure of discovery.

Photography is strictly forbidden! But somehow, when we emerge a few hours later, I find some images on my cell phone. I can't explain it, but here they are.



A path through a bamboo forest leads us uphill to a quiet pool with where we are surprised to discover a glowing glass object: Tom Na H-iu, by Mariko Mori. As she describes it: "Tom Na H-iu is a place where transmigrating souls were believed to rest in the ancient Celtic religion. The artwork interactively emits light when neutrinos are detected by the University of Tokyo's Kamioka Observatory. When a supernova explodes, Tom Na H-iu responds, reflecting the death of stars and signifying the rebirth of energy. When this occurs, the viewer may feel connected with the universe."




At the Lee Ufan Museum on Naoshima, we fall in love with Lee Ufan's work -- sculptures, ceramic pieces, paintings, videos -- an eclectic mix of work, each simple, elegant, powerful and inspiring, perfectly displayed in Tadeo Ando's understated concrete maze. (See more about Lee Ufan here.)

"The highest level of expression is not to create something from nothing, but rather to nudge something that already exists so that the world shows up more vividly." --Lee Ufan










The Benesse House Museum, another Tadao Ando design, is based on the concept "Coexistence of nature, art and architecture." It houses an scattershot mix of contemporary art (unfortunately, no photos permitted inside the museum.)

Kan Yasuda: The Secret of the Sky

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Exposed





















Wonderful family-run seafood restaurant on Naoshima.

Barnacles for dinner!