Cuisine Unexpected...



Calcutta, India

  • Spicy curries!
  • Lassie - blended yogurt drink flavored with crushed raisins and cardamom (?)
  • Kati roll - paratha (bread) stuffed with paneer, fried and then stuffed with finely chopped onion, green pepper, and smothered in mustard curry sauce ...delicious!
  • Nescafe...when will we have good coffee?

Sikkim, India

  • Darjeeling Tea - four or five leaves are brewed until light golden color, served with three scoops of sugar and hot milk. It has no taste.
  • Nescafe...
  • Not spicy curries



  • Momos - steamed (or better, fried) round dumplings, filled with veggies, chicken or Yak meat.
  • Yak butter tea - served at monastery kitchens, very salty
  • Tsampa - barley flour, sugar, yak butter and water, served in a leather bag. Knead with your fingers into small balls.
  • Nescafe

Chengdu, China

  • Mafu Doufu - soft (almost liquid) tofu in hot oil with green onion and salted, roasted soybeans
  • Street food: roasted corn on the cob, grilled tofu or chicken
  • Chengdu specialty: steamed dumplings, filled with pork
  • Bone-splintered chicken - butchers chop the whole chicken into neat squares, regardless of bone structure, making it impossible to eat...
  • Nescafe Gold

Lombok, Indonesia

  • Ikan sate - fresh fish, skewered and grilled with peanut and lombok (chili) sauce
  • Steamed spinach and sprouts with hot sambal (lombok sauce)
  • Fruit salad - chunks of fresh fruit with fresh grated coconut, fresh ground peanuts, lemon and honey

Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia

  • Blended avocado "juice" mixed with chocolate syrup - it's good!
  • Sweet clear gelatin with chunks of aloe -- strange but good
  • Nescafe - where's the Java?

Bali, Indonesia

  • Fresh ginger pieces and limes, blended with ice
  • Ginger tea, made with huge amount of fresh ginger
  • Thinly sliced tempe fried with lombok chili's
  • Matchstick-thin bread sticks
  • Banana-filled crepes, served with grated fresh coconut
  • Chai-spiced coffee
  • Fresh watermelon, lime or pineapple juice
  • Jaffle - cheese, onion and tomato sandwich toasted in a "jaffle iron"


  • Damper - biscuits cooked on the coals of a camp fire
  • Tucker - dinner (we had whole saratoga fish) grilled on the coals
  • Fran's pasties - pies filled with veggies, camel or kangaroo meat, spiced with a lot fresh cracked pepper, ginger, and turmeric


New Zealand

  • Flat White - aka cappuccino (order many if jet-lagged)