Five Days In Bangkok, Thailand

September 23-29, 2006



We had some initial misgivings, arriving in Bangkok only a few days after a military coup! Prime Minister Thaksin was away to address the UN in New York and the military junta seized control of the government, dissolving the constitution, reportedly with the backing of Thailand's beloved King.

It soon became apparent that the city was at peace (in spite of the presence of armed troops out in force on city streets and bridges) and the all of the Thais we spoke with seemed to be in favor of the takeover. On Monday, everyone was wearing yellow (the King's color) to show their support for the King and the new government.

At Government House, Thais lined up with their friends and families for photos with the backdrop of tanks and armed forces. Everyone was laughing and joking around and the soldiers appeared to relish the attention. So at least for the time being, there's a kind of party atmosphere in Bangkok, as residents settle into the new reality of yet another military coup. Tourism continues unabated...



September is the height of the rainy season, with heavy downpours, crashing thunder, and lightning every day.



Riding the tuk tuks it feels like we are about to tip over, as we careen around corners and weave through dense noisy traffic. The driver takes another drag on a cigarette as we are enveloped in diesel fumes.




Street stalls, where the locals eat.



Business is brisk at the amulet market (everyone needs some good luck).



Reclining Buddha toes.











Wat Pho, the Disneyland of Thai Buddhism.








Puppets, Bangkok Museum



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